Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual

"I want to teach classes on traffic bicycling—but I don't wanna look like an unorganized dork!"
—J.N., Chicago

If that sounds familiar, Dave "Mr Bike" Glowacz wrote the manual you need! Designed especially for non-teachers, the Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual can help you teach adult bike classes competently and professionally. Some have called it a "teaching for dummies" guide:

  • Features 25 modules that deliver all the important aspects of traffic and utility bicycling, in 150 illustrated pages.
  • Tells you exactly how to prepare for each lesson and what materials you'll need.
  • For every lesson, suggests what teaching methods (such as question-and-answer and demonstration) might work best.
  • Helps you deal with both slower students and advanced students.
  • Completely modular—so you can combine different modules to create classes of any length, for the specific needs of particular groups.
  • Contains both classroom and on-bike lessons.
  • Includes before and after tests to assess what students learned.
  • League Cycling Instructors: Tells you how to include Smart Cycling's “need to know” materials and guides you on crafting a comprehensive road test.

The Traffic-Cycling Instructor Manual resulted from Dave's years of class experience, research into different teaching resources, and consultation with professional instructors from across the U.S. and Canada.